• Venting and Gylcol
    Injection Valve

    The NOV Elmar Venting/Glycol Injection Valve is designed to save rig time while pressure testing the Wireline Pressure Control Equipment String.  

    WPCE Venting-Glycol Injection Valve pdf


    The NOV Elmar Venting/Glycol Injection Valve can be controlled from a test pump unit and has three functions:

    (1). Before pumping commences, hydraulic pressure is applied thereby opening the vent valve which allows air to escape, making the filling operation quicker. Once escaping fluid is observed the valve is closed allowing the operator to pressure test, confident that no air is trapped.

    (2). When bleeding down the lubricator this valve can be opened to allow air back into the system thereby discharging the fluid quickly.

    (3). Glycol can be injected below the greasehead - the point most affective to prevent the formation of hydrates.


    • Allows faster filling or draining of riser
    • Ensures air vented allowing better first time test
    • Allows glycol direct to troublespot