• Turn Around Sheave (TAS)

    The Turn Around Sheave has been specially designed to reduce the overall height of the pressure equipment string.

    WPCE Turn Around Sheave - TAS pdf


    With the conventional pressure equipment system the top sheave is positioned above the tool catcher, grease injection control head and line wiper. By installing the sheave inside a pressure retaining chamber and connecting one end to the tool catcher, the grease injection control head and line wiper can be connected vertically downward, thus reducing the overall height of the system.

    The design of the Turn Around Sheave allows the operator to utilise existing equipment (grease injection control heads and line wipers), eliminating the need to purchase all new items. Notice that the Turn Around Sheave must be secured to a member rated 2 x maximum line pull (similar to a wireline top sheave) and cannot be used unsupported.

    Note: 1. Grease Head and Tool Catcher adapters required depending on flotube type. (2” -6-60° for SWS flotubes and 2” -10 TPI for concentric flotubes).
    2. Sheave wheels available for alternative line sizes.