• Safety Flow Diverter
    and Cable Clamp

    The Safety Flow Diverter is a safety device designed to provide an extra measure of safety whenever it is necessary to work around the wellhead with the wireline valve closed on a cable and the lubricator removed. (e.g. stranded cable repairs).

    WPCE Safety Flow Diverter and Cable Clamp pdf


    The Safety Flow Diverter is installed on top of the wireline valve with the cable in the wellbore. Mounting of the diverter is possible without cutting the cable since all components are split. 

    The Safety Flow Diverter provides an auxiliary seal around the cable to contain and divert any residual leakage through the wireline valve. The diverter incorporates a cable clamp in a compact assembly. Leaked fluids are diverted through a high-pressure hose.


    • 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi working pressure, H2S service
    • Integral Cable Clamp available for all electrical wireline sizes
    • Available to fit all equipment strings
    • 5,000 and 10,000 psi rating, STD and H2S service
    • Low pressure return hose assembly to divert leaked fluid