• Quick Test Sub - QTS

    The Elmar Quick Test Sub (QTS) is designed to save rig time while pressure testing the wireline pressure control equipment string when multiple wireline runs are required.

    WPCE Quick Test Sub - QTS pdf


    The NOV Elmar Quick Test Sub is inserted either above or below the wireline valve at the position of the joint normally opened to insert and retrieve tools from the well. After performing the first pressure test to check the integrity of the whole String, subsequent pressure tests can be made using the Quick Test Sub to verify the integrity of the joint disconnected, rather than having to test the whole assembly.

    This is achieved by connecting a small hydraulic hand-pump to the Quick Test Sub and testing the joint ‘O’ ring seal from the outside. It is estimated that the use of the NOV Elmar Quick Test Sub can reduce the time needed to pressure test the String at each subsequent test by more than 1/2 hour.


    • Saves rig time on pressure test due to design features
    • Eliminates prospect of contaminating well with test fluids
    • Saves on glycol
    • Eliminates risks of pressure testing with perforating guns