• QuickLoad™
    Slickline Stuffing Box

    Designed by NOV Elmar’s engineering team in Aberdeen, QuickLoad is an evolutionary product that reinforces the company’s position as market leaders in wireline pressure control equipment. It is lighter, more reliable and easier to maintain than its alternatives.

    WPCE QuickLoad™ Slickline Stuffing Box pdf


    The NOV Elmar QuickLoad stuffing box is particularly effective for deepwater operations
    where heavier line pull and loads are required under greater pressures.

    QuickLoad now forms part of NOV Elmar’s WPCE rental fleet and is available across all operating regions.

    Key customer benefits include:

    One man lift

    • Weighing just 18 kilos the main module is easily carried by one person and so can be assembled in a convenient location away from the well. The bracket module can be assembled onto the main module even after the cable head is fed through. This is a major advantage of the new design and negates the need for a removable cartridge.

    Working pressure

    • QuickLoad has a working pressure of up to 15,000 psi


    • A built-in dual safety barrier system prevents uncontrolled well fluid loss. The dual safety barrier system incorporates a blow out plug and ball check valve for two levels of emergency shut-down.

    Chemical injection

    • An injection port with an integral check valve is provided for injection of chemicals such as glycol and methanol. This port can also be used for oiling of the line if required.

    Change out packings in seconds

    • Rubbers can be quickly changed when worn out without having to rig down and the bracket is removable while the cable remains in-hole, giving the QuickLoad a cost-advantage over other stuffing box designs.


    • Stuffing Box module weighs 18 kilos
    • Proof Load tested to min 11,250lbs (5,625lbs line pull)
    • Suitable for all line sizes up to 0.160”
    • Combined Ball Check valve and Blow Out Plug
    • Sealed bearings maximise expected bearing life
    • Dynamic seal parts from corrosion resistant alloys
    • Suitable for H2S service
    • Manufactured to API 6A and fully NACE compliant