• Quick-Interchange Tool Catcher
    for 1 3/8" Cable Head

    The NOV Elmar Quick-Interchange Tool Catcher allows the field crew to quickly and easily change between slickline and electric line operations without remaking either rope socket.

    Quick Interchange Tool Catcher for 1 3/8" Cable Head PDF


    This is made possible by the unique features of a 1.5” through-bore and a split tool stop that can be inserted after the head is passed through the Tool Catcher body.

    This configuration allows considerable savings in rig time, minimises the use of consumable supplies and reduces the risks of human error when making-up new rope sockets between runs. An optional Cable Head Protector Sleeve is also available to protect the cable, head and rope socket during interchange or transportation.

    The slickline and electric line heads can be made up before the operation after passing the lines through their respective Stuffing Box and Ball Check Valve Assembly or Enviro™ Grease Injection Head and Ball Check Valve Assembly. The Cable Head Protector Sleeve is installed, connected to the Ball Check Valve Quick Union.

    When ready to rig up, the Protector Sleeve is removed, the Tool Catcher is pumped  open, the tool stop removed and the required cable head (slickline or electric line) is  passed through the 1.5” through bore of the Tool Catcher body. 

    After installing the split tool stop around the cable, the quick union at the bottom of the Ball Check Valve is made up to the Tool Catcher and the hydraulic pressure released, resetting the Tool Catcher to the catch position.

    The procedure is reversed to rig down one line and replace it with the other.

    Up to one hour of rig time is saved at each change-over. 

    The fishing neck size can be changed by installing the corresponding collet assembly and tool stop.

    Note: Similar equipment is available for alternative flotube types, quick union sizes, working pressures and services. A Split Tool Stop is available for modification of many types of existing Elmar Combination Tool Catchers with Ball Check Valve so as to up-grade to the Quick-Interchange feature. Please ask for details.