• Q-GUIDE™: A New Ram Design

    The NOV Elmar Q-GUIDE™ ram, is a new proprietary design (Patents Pending) that provides a positive alignment for the wireline. V-shaped flat guides on either side of the inner seal restrict the wireline so that the section of line contacting the inner seal is always centred and parallel to the wireline valve axis.

    Q-GUIDE: A New Ram Design PDF


    The Q-GUIDE™ has been designed to accommodate eccentric set-ups where the wireline goes through the wireline valve body at an angle and can be trapped by the rams before falling in the cable groove.

    The Q-GUIDE™ style of ram has been developed to replace integral guide style rams. Inner and outer seals used in the Q-GUIDE™ are the same as used in the current styles of ram bodies.

    The NOV Elmar multi-line inner seal can be used with the Q-GUIDE™ ram for maximum effect.

    The Q-GUIDE™ is available for all sizes of wireline valves.