• Liquid Seal Slickline
    Control Head

    The NOV Elmar Liquid Seal Control Head is designed to seal around a slickline while minimising drag and wear of both the slickline and the pack-off.

    WPCE Liquid Seal Slickline Control Head pdf


    Positioned at the uppermost point of the pressure control equipment string, the control head consists of two major subassemblies, the hydraulic pack-off or stuffing box and the flow tubes assembly. 

    The stuffing box is meant to pack-off around the slickline when stationary. When the line is moving the seal is achieved by injecting viscous grease into the flow tube stack at a pressure above wellhead pressure. The flow tubes are closely fitting around the slickline, and the grease seals-off effectively the narrow annular space.

    The control head incorporates a ball check valve to automatically shut-off the well pressure in the event of pull-off or breakage of the line. A 16" diameter sheave bracket is supplied as standard.

    The NOV Elmar Liquid Seal Control Head is of modular design: it can be ordered as two separate assemblies:

    • A common Upper Assembly including the Stuffing Box, Sheave Bracket, and the flow-tubes stack, always rated 15,000 psi, H2S Service
    • A Lower Assembly including the Ball Check Valve and a Male Quick Union, as required by the Customer. This is rated according to the type of union chosen. Individual flow tubes must be ordered according to the line size as part of the Line Size Kit.

    A compact, air operated Grease Injection and Hydraulic Control Panel is available for use with the 10,000 psi rated Liquid Seal Control Head. Alternatively separate Hydraulic Hand Pumps and air-operated Grease Pumps can be used.




    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBERS L-972506/L-972611
    (H) 165 cm, 65 in (W) 96 kg, 211 lbs