• Lightweight Stuffing Box

    The NOV Elmar Hydraulic Slickline Stuffing Box is designed to pack-off all sizes of solid wireline up to 0.160”, with safety and convenience.

    WPCE Lightweight Stuffing Box pdf


    It is lightweight, compact and simple to operate. Positioned at the uppermost point of the pressure control equipment string, the NOV Elmar slickline stuffing box incorporates a blow-out plug to automatically shut-in the well pressure in the event of the slickline breaking or being stripped from the rope socket. 

    The NOV Elmar slickline stuffing box consists of a chamber which contains packing with an external adjustable nut. The slickline passes through the packing and the nut is hydraulically tightened to the point where leakage around the line, caused by well pressure, is reduced to a minimum.  A 16” diameter sheave bracket assembly (or 20" diameter in case of 0.160" wire) and a male quick union assembly are supplied with the stuffing box as standard. If required a manual packing nut can be supplied. 

    NOV Elmar slickline stuffing boxes are available for a full range of wire sizes, and from 5,000 psi to 15,000 psi working pressures.


    Dimensions & Weights

    Dimensions Overall: (H) 85 cm, 34 in, (W) 27 kg, 59 lbs