• Lightweight Lubricator

    The NOV Elmar “Lite” lubricators enable the wireline tool string to be introduced or retrieved from a well bore under pressure. They are normally positioned above the wireline valve, tool trap or quick test sub.

    WPCE Lightweight Lubricator pdf


    By using high strength stainless steel alloys, the weight of a lubricator section is reduced by up to 70% with respect to conventional integral lubricators.

    The NOV Elmar “Lite” lubricator consists of four basic parts: a quick union collar, a male quick union, a lubricator tube, and a female quick union. The quick unions are manufactured in H2S resistant alloy steel to prevent galling.

    NOV Elmar “Lite” lubricators are rated 10,000 psi H2S service. The NOV Elmar lightweight quick unions have been selected for optimum weight reduction and to prevent unsafe cross-string assembly. Upper and lower adapters are available to connect existing equipment. These are rated 5,000 psi or 10,000 psi depending on the type of connection.




    • Corrosion resistant tube made from high strength NACE certified stainless steel
    • Quick unions are coupled through premium NOV Elmar Lite coupling:
        - Tube-to-union seal is metal-to-metal backed-up by o-ring
        - Special handling tools supplied. Calibrated torque is not required
    • Bending stresses at the thread undercut are minimised
    • NOV Elmar Lightweight Quick Unions:
        - 3" ID: 4 3/4"- 4x2thd (3.750" seal dia)
        - 4 1/16" ID: 6 1/8"- 4x2thd (4.750" seal dia)
        - 5 1/8” ID: 7.875"- 4x2thd (6.125" seal dia)
    • Other unions available upon request