• Hydraulic Tool Trap
    with External Indicator

    The NOV Elmar Hydraulic Tool Trap with external indicator is installed between the wireline valve and the lubricator string.

    WPCE Hydraulic Tool Trap with External Indicator pdf


    It prevents the loss of wireline tools downhole in the event of the wire being pulled-off the rope socket, by retaining the dropping tool on a flapper. The flapper has an opening larger than the wireline, but smaller than the tool string.

    The flapper is operated by a hydraulic actuator, through an external handle, connected to the flapper with a low-torque pressure-balanced shaft. The external handle doubles as a tool passage indicator. The tool string may be pulled freely upwards through the tool trap. The flapper will move upwards, together with the external handle, indicating tool passage. As soon as the string bottom has cleared the flapper, the flapper will drop back into the trap position, pushed by a torsion spring. The flapper can be lifted remotely when running a tool in the well by activating the piston in the hydraulic actuator. Pumping back the piston to its original position allows the flapper to return to its trap position.

    The hydraulic actuator can be operated by a dual output manual pump or with an NOV Elmar Hydraulic Control Module.



    • Lightweight - 3" 10,000 psi working pressure (part number L-971169)
    • Lightweight - 4 1/16" 10,000 psi working pressure (part number L-972219)
    • Positive tool passage indicator
    • Pressure-balanced flapper shaft
    • Remote hydraulic operation. Enhanced operational safety
    • Can be operated manually in case of hydraulic failure