• HP/HT 6 3/8" Quad
    Wireline Valve

    HP/HT Quad Wireline Valve PDF

    The NOV Elmar 6 3/8" Quad Wireline Valve is certified to 15,000 psi WP at 350F.

    Each 6 3/8" wireline valve is configured for braided line, slickline and shear seal and incorporates Elmar Q-Guide wireline rams.



    • An integral API 6A flange
    • Independent grease injection ports
    • An integral quick test port in the upper union
    • Compact size, allowing shorter rig-up heights
    • Keyless ram bores, allowing ram inversion as and when required
    • Ram position indicator rods
    • Manifold block with integral equalisation, glycol and grease injection facilities
    • Hard piped for fire resistance