• Chemical Injection Sub

    The NOV Elmar Chemical Injection Sub is designed to apply a de-icing agent or corrosion inhibitor to the wireline during well service operations.

    WPCE Chemical Injection Sub pdf


    Installed below the grease injection control head or slickline stuffing box, the NOV Elmar chemical injection sub utilises replaceable felt packings to coat the wireline and prevent the chemical from passing downhole.

    The NOV Elmar chemical injection sub consists of a one piece body with integral quick unions on both ends, a quick union collar assembly, a manifold injection block assembly with integral check valve and a felt packing retainer assembly. The check valve assembly is designed for easy and quick replacement.

    NOV Elmar chemical injection subs are available in a full range of wire sizes, and 5,000 psi to 15,000 psi working pressures.



    • Lightweight: L-972901/L-972877
    • One piece body with integral quick unions
    • Integral check valve
    • Available to suit all wire sizes
    • Other sizes available upon request