• Cable Cutter Sub - CCS

    The NOV Elmar Cable Cutter Sub - CCS is positioned in the lubricator string above the tool catcher/ball check valve and immediately below the grease injection head.

    WPCE Cable Cutter Sub - CCS pdf


    In the event of wire becoming jammed in the grease injection flotubes, to the extent that no wireline movement (upwards or downwards) is possible, the wireline can be cleanly cut well above the Wireline Valve, thus allowing an easier recovery in stranded armour situations, or cleanly dropping the severed end of the wireline into the well when so required by safety considerations.

    When used with the variable length lubricator it makes it possible in a single lift set-up to open the lubricator string after sealing with the wireline valve, secure the wireline, and start recovery procedures
    without stripping wireline through the BOP seals and potentially losing seal.

    PART NUMBER L-9701010374 L060, L100, L120

    Cable Cutter Assembly with either 60ft, 100ft or 120ft hose, plus a lockable hand pump assembly.



    • Suitable for cutting wireline up to 15/32" multi-conductor
    • 10,000 psi working pressure and H2S service
    • 2"-10TPI female box x 2"-10TPI male pin
    • Hydraulically operated piston for cutting
    • Unique hydraulic quick connections and padlocked pump to prevent inadvertent use
    • Safety shear pinned cutting piston


    • 15,000 psi Cable Cutter Sub L-9701021995
    • Case for Cable Cutter Assembly L-8781010375