• Air Line Wiper

    The NOV Elmar Air Line Wiper has been designed to replace the traditional hydraulically activated line wiper in low pressure operations or to work along side it in high pressure operations.

    WPCE Air Line Wiper pdf


    In a low pressure (less than 5,000 psi) set-up it will typically be positioned above the NOV Elmar stuffing box and in a high pressure (greater than 5,000 psi) set-up it will be positioned above the hydraulic line wiper.

    The NOV Elmar Air Line Wiper consists of a steel wiper body, aluminium alloy wire guide, bronze upper bushing and a special nozzle insert. It is designed to be a non-contact line wiper and uses compressed air to wipe grease from the wire. The compressed air is focused on the cable through nozzles drilled in the wiper insert. The nozzles are drilled in a special pattern to create an effective wiping action.

    The insert and upper bushing are line size items and need to be ordered as a line size kit to go along with the main assembly. The line size kit can be retrofitted to a standard NOV Elmar hydraulic line wiper to convert it to an air line wiper.


    • Air operating pressure 120-150 psi (8-10 bar)
    • NACE MR 0175 compliant
    • Can be fitted retrospectively


    • Crossover assembly L-9701035633 for connection to existing NOV Elmar grease heads