• Variable Length Lubricator - VLL

    The NOV Elmar Lightweight Variable Length Lubricator is designed to achieve two specific functions. To effectively contain well pressure during wireline intervention. To provide safe and easy access to the wireline in the event of a problem.

    WPCE Variable Length Lubricator - VLL pdf


    As with the conventional Lightweight Lubricator, the NOV Elmar Variable Length Lubricator enables the wireline toolstring to be introduced into the well while maintaining full pressure integrity.  By using high strength stainless steel alloys, the weight of the lubricator section is reduced by up to 70%.  The NOV Elmar lightweight variable length connection comprises of two specially designed adaptors and a locking ring. 

    The variable length and quick union adapters are connected to the lubricator tube by a premium-threaded connection with a metal-to-metal seal, backed up by an elastomer seal. The use of stainless steel alloys reduces the amount of maintenance required between jobs. 

    Should there be a problem with the wireline during intervention work, e.g. stranded line, the NOV Elmar Lightweight Variable Length Lubricator can be unlocked and disconnected above the wireline valve and the lower section raised and locked in the retracted position allowing access to the wireline. A lightweight pulley kit provides a safe and controlled lift of the lower variable length section. This is particularly useful whenever the top sheave and the lubricator string are supported by a single lifting device.

    It is recommended that the Variable Length Lubricator be used in conjunction with the NOV Elmar Cable Cutter Sub.


    Corrosion Resistant Tube made from high strength NACE Certified Stainless Steel

    • Quick unions and variable length adaptors are coupled through premium NOV Elmar lite coupling:
      - Tube-to-union seal is metal to metal backed-up by o-ring
      - Uses existing special handling tools. Calibrated torque is not required
    • Allows safe and easy access to the wireline in the event of a problem
    • Bending stresses at the thread undercut are minimised
    • NOV Elmar Lightweight quick unions:  
       - Upper connection: 4 3/4" - 4x2thd (3.750" seal dia)
       - Lower connection: 6 1/8" - 4x2thd (4.750" seal dia)