• Slick Cable Pack-Off

    The NOV Elmar Slick Cable Pack-Off is designed to seal against moving slick cable under pressure. Positioned above the tubing/casing, the Slick Cable Pack-Off is built around the wire before the wireline tool  is lowered into the well.

    Slick Cable Pack-Off pdf


    The Slick Cable Pack-Off works by squeezing each of the two independent rubber elements which are wrapped around the wire. Each element seals on the streamline cable against well pressure, as well as wiping the wire free of fluid. The sealing element will seal on static cable.

    The Slick Cable Pack-Off is designed so that the rubber element in direct contact with the wire is easily replaced. 

    The Slick Cable Pack-Off is rated to 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi working pressure (static wireline) and H2S service and is available with full material traceability and Third Party Certification.

    (2) 0-10000 psi hand pumps and hoses are required to operate the Slick Cable Pack-Off.


    • Temperature class P-V -29°C to 121°C (-20°F to 250°F)
    • Material class

                    -    DD - Sour Service

    • Designed for smooth surface (slick) cable
    • 9701048319 rated to 10,000 psi W.P. (15,000 psi T.P.)
    • 9701048644 rated to 15,000 psi W.P. (22,000 psi T.P.)
    • Hydraulic pressure 10,000 psi W.P.


    Dimensions & Weights (10,000 psi W.P.)
    (Height) 67 cm, 26 in, (Weight) 23 kg, 50 lbs

    Dimensions & Weights (15,000 psi W.P.)
    (Height) 62 cm, 24 in, (Weight) 21 kg, 46 lbs (quick union not included)