• SLIMLITE Equipment

    The NOV Elmar SLIMLITE equipment is a range of large bore equipment available in H2S and Standard service typically used during "Open Hole" wireline intervention work, or for perforating operations with large casing guns.

    WPCE SLIMLITE Equipment pdf



    NOV Elmar's new SLIMLITE family uses high strength stainless steel lubricator tubes, with a 5,000 psi H2S service rating. NOV Elmar SLIMLITE equipment has a 2.0 safety factor with test pressure = 2.0 x working pressure and complies with API 6A specifications.

    SLIMLITE lubricators are available from 4ft to 30ft lengths.



    • Corrosion Resistant Tube made from high strength NACE Certified Stainless Steel
    • Quick unions are coupled through Premium Elmar Lite Coupling:
    • Bending stresses at the thread undercut are minimised