• Dual Hydraulic Wireline
    Annular Valve (BOP-D)

    The NOV Elmar Dual Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve is designed
    to seal on a static cable under pressure and is recommended for "Safety while Logging" applications and for perforating with large guns.

     WPCE Dual Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve (BOP-D) pdf



    Positioned above the drilling wireline valve, or a "Shooting Nipple", it offers, once rigged up, a clean bore of 6" to 6 1/2" (depending on connection type) to run a tool through. The cable and rope socket are initially threaded through the upper section and then connected to the head before passage through the middle and lower section. Several elements are split or slotted for ease of assembly. In subsequent runs the upper and middle sections are lifted with the logging head and remains around the cable while tools are laid down.

    The NOV Elmar Dual Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve seals by squeezing a split rubber element which is wrapped around the wire. This element seals on the cable outer armour against well pressure, as well as wiping the wire free of fluid.

    It is designed so that the rubber element which is in direct contact with the wire can be easily replaced.

    The sealing element will seal on static cable, although the ideal cable to seal on is a seasoned cable.

    An Air Cleaner is integral to the unit.

    A Hydraulic hand pump is required to operate the pack-off.