• DataTruck OH

    The DataTruck body is a completely modular design manufactured using CNC punch technology and features smooth side panels with countersunk rivets.

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    The unique extruded aluminium honeycomb type floor structure allows the upper body assembly to be fitted onto any truck chassis. A modular tool storage tray interfaces between the chassis and the body and removeable belly box assemblies of various sizes are easily configured onto the floor structure around any European or USA manufacturers truck chassis.

    Single piece all aluminium material bodied open hole wireline winch truck. Length of the cabin and the winch bay are configurable to suit clients exact requirements. Unit comprises of a PTO drive system, enclosed long length operator cabin and long length winch bay section capable of accepting a single drum winch assembly with either a full width or split width drum. Unit is mounted to an NOV Elmar or client supplied 6x4 or 6x6 truck chassis. The system is suitable for open hole braided line mono-conductor and multi-conductor operations.


    • Capable of being fitted to any cabover or conventional 6x4 or 6x6 truck chassis
    • Field-exchangeable full width or split width winch drums for well servicing flexibility for basic fishing to logging
    • Comfortable cabin in a compact footprint: optional short and medium cabins
    • Ergonomic, safe and responsive operator controls
    • Minimum servicing requirements equals maximum availability
    • Superior sound and thermal insulation exceed industry compliance requirements
    • Reliable NOV Elmar patented closed loop hydraulic system for smooth control even at extremely slow logging speeds
    • Optional NOV Elmar SmartMonitor sophisticated control system for safe, high precision automatic operation
    • Customising options available, because every customer has different needs


    • Arctic Package
    • Tropical / Desert Package
    • Air Conditioners
    • SmartMonitor 12”
    • Tool Storage Racks
    • 51” and 54” OD full width winch drums with non-magnetic core
    • 51” and 54” OD split width winch drums with non-magnetic core


    Dimensions & Weights

    Weights and dimensions are specific to each individual truck.
    US Department of Transport axle loadings, overall dimensions and exhaust gas emission regulations are adhered to.

    Hydraulic Drive System

    • Powerful 375 bar (5,438 psi) closed loop hydraulic system
    • Variable displacement hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor
    • Capable of stable logging at ultra slow speeds
    • Capable of fast acceleration at extremely high speeds
    • Hydraulic tank: 80 Litres (21.1 US Gallon)
    • Hydraulic dynamic braking
    • Low maintenance system

    Open Hole Winch System

    • 54” split winch drum (1,372 mm (OD) / 518 mm (core) / weight 2,721 kg)
    • 172 mm (narrow section width) with 7/32” wire capacity of more than 7,784 m (25,538 ft)
    • 552 mm (wide section width) with 15/32” wire capacity of more than 5,530 m (18,145 ft)
    • Winch drum is chain driven
    • Fail safe spring return brake
    • Planetary gearbox ratio 23:1
    • Wire sizes from 7/32”” braided line to 15/32” braided line

    Depth & Tension System

    • SmartHead measuring head with integral load pin and dual depth measurement wheels with optical encoders
    • SmartMonitor full colour touch screen winchman panel with data record, configurable alarm and emergency shutdown functions

    Power Pack

    • Power Take Off (PTO) drive from 6x4 or 6x6 truck chassis engine
    • Air supply from truck chassis air brake reservoir tanks
    • Main electrical supply: 30 kW 115 VAC 60 Hz hydraulic driven electrical generator
    • Electrical rig supply: 115 VAC 60 Hz
    • Control voltage: 12 VDC (from truck chassis battery)
    • Diesel reservoir: from truck chassis diesel fuel tanks
    • Engine controls: Start and stop / Hour counter / Monitoring and safety system

    Control Panel

    • Hydraulic main pressure gauge
    • RPM gauge
    • Line tension valve
    • Throttle control
    • Winch direction and speed control valve
    • Air pressure
    • Brake control
    • Emergency stop button