• Rigsafe - Single Cylinder (11HP) Mast Erecting Power Pack

    This NOV Elmar rigsafe diesel hydraulic power pack is a stand-alone unit specifically designed to erect and operate masts units.

    Rigsafe Single Cylinder (11HP) Mast Erecting Power Pack PDF


    It supplies hydraulic power on an open loop system. This unit is constructed in carbon steel with a crash frame, four-point lift and slings. It has integral hydraulic and diesel tanks with fluid level indicators and filler/breather caps.

    The hydraulic oil is supplied from the tank through a pressure filter and returned via a filter back into the tank. A removable tray is fitted to the top of the unit. The engine is fitted with “Rigsafe” equipment.

    Wireline Masts can be erected from standard open loop powerpacks. Masts suited for this option are fitted with flow diverters to reduce the hydraulic flow rate suitable for operation/erection of the mast.


    • Full load operation in Rigsafe conditions
    • Dedicated mast power pack
    • Designed for ease of maintenance
    • Compact single cylinder unit - Small foot print
    • Rigsafe rated
    • Anti vibration mounts
    • Four point lift
    • Hose storage on top of unit


    Dimensions & Weights (Operational)

    PART NUMBER L-6901025693V02
    (L) 1.06 m, 3.48 ft (W) 0.75 m, 2.46 ft (H) 0.86 m, 2.82 ft (Weight) 350 kg, 772 lbs

    Hydraulic Drive System

    • Open loop
    • System pressure relief valve
    • 10 micron pressure filter
    • Tank top return filtration


    • Engine: Yanmar L100AE
    • Cylinders: Single
    • Output: 11HP (8 KW)@1,700 rpm
    • Hydraulic Reservoir: 16 Gallons (72 Litres)
    • Diesel Reservoir: 1.2 Gallons (5.5 Litres)
    • Build Standard: BS 7072
    • Zone Standard: Rigsafe
    • Starting: Pull Start (see option)
    • Hydraulic connections: Snaptite

    Rigsafe Equipment

    • The following equipment is supplied on Rigsafe
    • engine assemblies:
    • Exhaust spark arrestor
    • Automatic engine - overspeed shut-down, inlet valve
    • Anti-static fan belts
    • Non metallic blower fan
    • Resilient engine shock mounts

    Hydraulic Hose Set

    • Standard length 25 feet
    • Snaptite flat faced quick connect couplings (option available)