• Zone 1 Electric 55kW (75HP)
    Wireline Power Pack

    This Zone 1 Electro Hydraulic Power Pack is a stand alone unit designed for closed loop medi or containerised wireline winches. The unit can also drive a respooler system.

    Zone 1 Electric 55kW (75HP) Wireline Power Pack PDF


    Constructed in carbon steel with a heavy duty crash frame and forklift pockets in the base, it is fitted with a removable hose tray in the top of the unit. It has an integral hydraulic reservoir with fluid level indicator and filler/breather cap. A suction strainer is located within the hydraulic oil reservoir for oil filtration.


    • Full load operation in Zone 1 conditions
    • Ease of operation
    • Full instrumentation
    • Designed for operator safety (full guards)
    • Low start current (Eexd Star Delta Start)
    • Designed for ease of maintenance
    • Compact unit - Small foot print
    • Full Zone 1 rated
    • Anti vibration mounts
    • Quick release fasteners on all guards
    • Hose storage on top of unit
    • Four point lift to BS12079
    • Integral forklift pockets


    • Respooler drive
      Starting Systems:
    • Star Delta - Low current start system
    • D.O.L. - Direct on line
      Build Options:
    • BSEN 12079 (Four point lift)
    • BS 7072 (Four or Single point lift)


    Dimensions & Weights (Operational)

    PART NUMBER L-6901010124
    (L) 1.89 m, 6.20 ft (W) 1.10 m, 3.61 ft (H) 1.64 m, 5.36 ft
    (Weight) 2,000 kg, 4,410 lbs

    Hydraulic System

    • Closed loop
    • System pressure relief valve
    • Tank mounted 125 micron suction strainers
    • Tank top return filtration


    • Motor: Brook Crompton
    • Supply: 415volt, 50Hz, 3 phase
    • Starting Current: 200amp (Star-Delta start)
    • Output: 55 Kw (75 HP)
    • Hydraulic Reservoir: 66.5 Gallons (251 Litres)
    • Build Standard: BSEN12079
    • Zone Standards: Zone 1
    • Starting See options
    • Hydraulic quick connections

    Zone 1 Equipment

    • Eexd electric motor
    • Eexd electrical enclosures

    Control Panel

    • Start
    • Stop
    • Running
    • Power on
    • Forward/Reverse Polarity Selector

    Hydraulic Hose Set

    • Standard length 25 feet with quick connect couplings (optional couplings available)