• GenPack

    Suitable for onshore and offshore operations.
    Truck or trailer mounted.
    Operable as a stand alone unit.
    Basic equipment in NonZoned configuration.
    Standard configuration can operate in -10 to +50 degrees C temperatures.

    GenPack PDF


    This design is a single piece electrical energy supply unit comprising of an integral power pack, open operator console and electrical generator section. Unit can be transported as a single lift.


    • NOV Elmar field proven reliability
    • Benefits Operating in worldwide locations and environments
    • Industry standard equipment used by major well service companies
    • Standard NOV Elmar components provide inter fleet interchangeability
    • Commonly designed NOV Elmar operating systems and components
    • Superior quality components and corrosion resistant materials utilised
    • All components easily accessible for maintenance
    • Extremely low operating and maintenance costs


    • Please contact NOV Elmar for further information and advice on possible configurations


    Dimensions & Weights

    (L) 2.25 m, 7.38 ft (W) 1.20 m, 3.93 ft (H) 1.42 m, 4.65 ft
    (Weight) 2,000 kg, 4,410 lbs

    Electrical System

    • 30 Kw 120 V or 220 V integral generator (client dependent)

    Power Pack

    • Powerful 4 cylinder Catepillar diesel engine providing 83 hp (62 Kw) @ 2,400 rpm
    • Can be fitted with electric, pneumatic, spring or hydraulic starter systems (client dependent)

    Control Panel

    • Clearly laid out ergonomic anodized aluminium control panel with English text as standard