• TruckLine C 

    The crane is designed to lift PCE or a full tool string into place even when fully extended at shallow angles, and the wireline winch can be configured for single and double drums. All the advanced features of an NOV Elmar wireline winch are at your disposal. The TruckLine C is available in rig-safe / Non-zoned configuration.

    TruckLine C PDF


    The TruckLine 82ft crane and winch are mounted on a single slewing base and the drum can be aligned with the wellhead. Rigging-up was never so easy, so quick and so safe! Designed with the now-famous NOV Elmar attention to quality, reliability, sustainability and operator safety and comfort, the TruckLine is a versatile well servicing workhorse that proves its value every time a remote production well is visited for logging or fishing operations.


    • Combined winch and 3025 crane boom unit
    • Just one operator needed for winch and crane
    • Fast and safe rig-up capability
    • PTO drive from truck chassis
    • Extra wide cabin to comfortably accommodate additional engineers
    • Fully integrated 4 section 25m (82ft) crane boom
    • Maximum SWL 15 ton lifting capability*
    • Single / double drum configurations available
    • Light duty (0.092”) to super heavy duty (0.140”) slickline capability
    • Light duty (3/16”) to medium duty (1/4”) braided line operations
    • Light duty (3/16”) to medium duty (1/4”) mono-conductor line operations
    • Slewing ring provides 350° rotation of integrated winch and crane
    • Unique winch drum slewing feature
    • Drum mount alignment with the well after rig-up
    • Available in Rig safe / Non-zoned options
    • Hydraulic leveling support outriggers
    • Fully enclosed cabin offers environmental protection and operator comfort
    • Hydraulic sunroof
    • Removable panels give easy access for maintenance


    • Tool room and foldable stair with handrail
    • Water tank or belly box
    • Load pin (4 ton, MP16 II)
    • Pressure transmitter (MP16 II)
    • Wire spray tank
    • Automatic spooling with manual override
    • BOP reel and control system
    • Stuffing box reel and control system
    • Wellhead pressure reel
    • Slipring collector 2 or 4 rings
    • CombiGauge corrolating depth tension read out
    • Air conditioner; Safety kit; Personal comfort kit
    • Belly box (onder body storage box)
    • Tool storage (BOP and lubricator)
    • MP20 Measuring head


    Dimensions & Weights (excl. truck chassis, winch drum & wire)

    Wide Cab: (L) 9.00 m, 29.50 ft (W) 2.54 m, 8.33 ft (H) 3.65 m, 12.00 ft
    (Weight) 19,000 kg, 41,888 lbs

    Hydraulic Drive System

    • 375 bar (5,438 psi) closed loop hydraulic system
    • Variable displacement hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor
    • Capable of fast acceleration at extremely high speeds
    • Hydraulic tank: 260 Litres (68.3 US Gallon)

    Slickline Operations
    Based on 30,000 ft 0.125” wire on SC06 drum, tool weight 150 lbs:

    • Max. Line speed at core 260 m/min, 937 ft/min
    • Max. Line speed at OD 445 m/min, 1,330 ft/min
    • Max. Line pull at core 4,815 kg, 10,615 lbs
    • Max. Line pull at OD 2,810 kg, 6,195 lbs

    Winch System

    • SC06 winch drum (600 mm (OD) / 350 mm (core) / 700 mm (wide) weight 450 kg
    • 0.125” wire capacity of more than 9,150 m (30,000 ft)
    • Wire sizes from 0.092” slickline to 1/4” braided line

    Depth & Tension System

    • MP16 II measuring head with integral load cell, maximum line tension 0-2,000 kg (0-4,400 lbs)
    • CombiGauge combined weight indicator and depth counter 0-2000 kg (0-4,400 lbs)

    Power Pack

    • Engine controls: Start and stop / Hour counter / Monitoring and safety system
    • Engine: power take off
    • Control voltage: 24 VDC

    Control Panel

    • Winch and crane controls
    • Hydraulic pressure gauges
    • RPM gauge
    • Line tension valve
    • Throttle control
    • Winch direction and speed control valve
    • Air pressure
    • Emergency stop button