• WireTester
    and Calibration Tool

    This design is a mechanical wireline sample tensile testing system enabling the ductility of slickline up to 0.140” to be ascertained.

    WireTester and Calibration Tool pdf


    An accurate tensile test is provided using an integral test jig using rope sockets located in the main body with instructions for use.

    Unique NOV Elmar design for integrity testing of wireline samples. Incorporates hydraulic load cell with chart recorder. Lightweight design. Two piece construction with upper and lower tray and instructions on lid. 0-2,000 kg (0-4,410 lbs) maximum pull.


    • Basic equipment in NonZoned configuration
    • Standard configuration can operate in -10 to +50 degrees C temperatures
    • Stainless steel, unpainted
    • Upper lid section closes over lower tray during testing operation
    • Can be exchanged with systems available in other worldwide locations for optimum flexibility
    • Reduces risk of wire condition assessment being left to “feeling” of the operator
    • Enables monitoring of wireline condition when used in corrosive fluid wells
    • Completely self contained triple tray system with carrying handle
    • Includes two test rope sockets, one ratchet and 50 charts
    • Allows definitive hard copy data on slickline strength and condition to be documented
    • Enables consistent results using calibrated hydraulic bellows and chart recorder


    • Please contact NOV Elmar for information and advice on possible configurations 


    Dimensions & Weights

    (L) 0.65 m, 2.13 ft (W) 0.25 m, 0.82 ft (H) 0.15 m, 0.49 ft (Weight) 25 kg, 55 lbs.

    Hydraulic System

    • Hydraulic tension load cell with sensitive membrane

    Slickline Operations

    • Designed for super light duty (.072”) to super heavy duty (.140”) slickline operations

    Data Acquisition

    • Can be used in conjunction with NOV Elmar Automatio Products electronic depth / speed / tension winchmans panels
    • Tension test data recorded using pen chart recorder
    • Supplied with basic set of 50 charts tba

    Control Panel

    • Clearly laid out ergonomic control panel with English text as standard