• E-Line Ancillaries

    • Floorstand
    • Handguard / Bushing System
    • Storage Rack
    • Rig-Up Yoke
    • Sheave Hanger

    E-Line Ancillaries pdf



    • Provides support for your WTI Sheave
    • One sided design allows the line to be loaded/unloaded while attached
    • One size fits the following WTI Sheaves - (14”, 17”, 26”)
    • Powder coated to protect against corrosion

    Handguard/ Bushing System

    • Protects operator’s hands and clothing from being drawn into sheave
    • Should be used wherever a running line can be touched by an operator
    • Patented design allows the line to be loaded after attachment.
    • 5 sizes available to fit all WTI Sheaves - (14”, 17”, 26”, 32”, 36”)

    Storage Rack

    • Provides a convenient place to store your WTI Sheave when not in use
    • Minimizes wear and tear to sheaves in transport
    • Holds sheaves in vertical position to maximize space
    • Available in 2 sizes to fit 14”/17” and 26” Sheaves
    • Powder coated to protect against corrosion.

    Rig-Up Yoke

    • Provides an alternative place to attach a “tugger line”
    • Can be used to stabilize top mounted (hanging) sheaves
    • Designed to work simultaneously with WTI Handguard
    • Available in 2 sizes to fit all WTI Sheaves - (14”/17”/26” and 32”/36”)
    • Made from stainless steel to resist corrosion

    Sheave Hanger

    • 32K lbs. and 40K lbs. Safe Working Load (SWL) available
    • Fully certified (certification supplied)
    • Two styles available (1” and 1-1/2” dia. hole) to fit all clevis types

    Note: For North America inquiries please contact Wireline Technologies Inc directly, for all other areas please contact your local NOV Elmar sales office.