• CombiTruck

    Operating costs are reduced through the combined benefits of single vehicle operations, with space for all the crew, using light weight rugged vehicles. Everything required to operate safe and efficient well site operations can be carried on a single vehicle.

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    The crane is rear mounted and the winch skid slews about the winchman's seat to align with the well head. This arrangement maximises the rig up height available, reduces vehicle weight and maximises the available equipment storage.

    The operator's cabin is constructed from insulated GRP panels and features powerful twin air conditioning units for maximum operator comfort and reduced fatigue. Wireline operations are controlled from a captain's chair providing easy and safe control with excellent visibility through the large cabin windows.

    The vehicle can be configured for slickline and braided operations with a standard double drum winch skid. The spacious cabin provides ample space for operations with additional bench seating.



    • 110ft five part boom with synchronised movement, 40,000lbs @ 5ft radius capacity
    • Single logging drum with 5/16” electric line
    • Fully redundant power pack / P.T.O.
    • SmartMonitor 


    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBER L-6901011072:
    Operational Dimensions (overall length of vehicle): (L) 9.90 m, 32.48 ft
    (W) 2.50 m, 8.20 ft (H) 4.00 m, 13.12 ft
    Weights Estimated GVW (no payload): 20,050 kg, 44,200 lbs


    • MAN 6x6, 33,000 kg chassis with additional 4 man crew cab
    • Other chassis avilable on request


    • Rear mounted crane to maximise rig up height and crane capacity
    • Hydraulic outriggers
    • 56ft three part boom with synchronised movement, 20,000lbs @ 5ft radius capacity
    • Hydraulic capacity alert system to safe guard against instability
    • Fail safe anti two block system to prevent cable and hook damage caused by two blocking
    • Alternative crane models available on request

    Hydraulic Drive System

    • Powered from twin vehicle driven PTOs
    • Closed loop hydraulic control; fast response time
    • Constant slow speed control
    • Rapid response suitable for slickline operations
    • Stepless speed control requiring no gear changing
    • Winch skid slews +/- 25º around operator’s seat to align with wellhead


    • Dual drum configurations: Slickline/Swabline or Slickline/Slickline
    • Single logging drum

    Winch System

    • Drums can be configured with slip rings for logging
    • Slickline:
      0.082” Wire - 50,000 ft
      0.108” Wire - 37,000 ft
      0.125” Wire - 27,000 ft
    • Swabline:
      3/16” Braided - 34,000 ft
      7/32” Braided - 25,000 ft
      1/4” Braided - 19,000 ft
    • Electric Line:
    • 5/16” Cable - 25,000 ft

    Depth & Tension System

    • Combined measuring head with depth and tension measurement. Twin measuring wheel design to accommodate both wire sizes
    • Electronic and mechanical read outs providing redundancy
    • Cable removable without need to remake head
    • Winchman’s panel displays and records depth, tension and line speed. The panel provides a depth alarm and overpull shut down safe guards

    Electrical Power

    • Heavy duty vehicle batteries and alternator provide electrical power
    • AC power through onboard inverter
    • Back up DC generator available

    Control Panel

    • Captain’s chair including all winch operating controls
    • Electronic winchman’s control panel
    • Engine display panel
    • Fully insulated cabin
    • AC power sockets
    • Large viewing windows with heat reflective laminated safety glass
    • Twin wall mounted air conditioning units
    • Additional bench seats