• Wall Mounted Pressure Test Unit


    This NOV Elmar two piece pressure test unit has been designed for mounting either side of a workshop pressure test bay wall, and includes features essential for safe and efficient hydrostatic pressure testing up to 22,500 psi.


    • Air driven high volume and high pressure pump systems
    • Diaphragm pump to return fluid (drained from test piece) back to tank
    • Adjustable gauge cut-off pump at preset test pressure 
    • 0-30,000 psi 8” 2/8 hour chart recorder
    • Wall mounted NOV Elmar “wet centre” reel with 8mm ID x 82ft (25m) long hose
    • Installation kit options to suit clients test bay design and dimensions
    • Safety features include:
       - Flashing lights indicate when unit is in use
       - Door interlock relays prevent pressure build up when personnel
         or test bay door is open
       - Automatic bleed-off if door is opened


    • (4) x Camera colour CCTV system
    • Electronic pressure recorder and digital display
    • 24 hour VCR
    • 8mm I.D. x 40ft (12m) hose
    • Charts, part number L-571490
    • CE marked, ATEX approved for use in a Category 2 (Zone 1) hazardous area

    Note: Installation kit needs to be confirmed at time of order. Client to supply pressure test bay dimensions.


    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBER L-690708
    Frame and Reel: (L) 63 cm, 25 in (W) 77 cm, 30 in (H) 125 cm, 49 in

    Control Panel: (L) 28 cm, 11 in (W) 61 cm, 24 in (H) 61, 24 in
    (Weight Overall) 140 kg, 309 lbs