• "Maxsafe" Workshop 
    Pressure Test Unit

    This NOV Elmar “Maxsafe” two piece workshop pressure test unit has been designed for mounting either side of a workshop pressure test bay wall.

    'Maxsafe' Workshop Pressure Test Unit Pdf


    Pressure transducers have been used to remove all fluid pressure from behind the operator panel making this the safest most efficient hydrostatic pressure test unit available.


    • Air driven high volume and high pressure pump systems
    • Diaphragm pump to return fluid (drained from test piece) back to tank
    • 56.8 gal­­lon (215 litre) stain­­less steel res­­er­­voir tank 
    • 15,000 psi electronic digital chart recorder
    • Wall mounted NOV Elmar “wet centre” reel with 12mm ID x 75ft (23m) long hose
    • Installation kit options to suit clients test bay design and dimensions
    • Safety features include:  
       - Flashing lights indicate when unit is in use  
       - Door interlock relays prevent pressure build up when personnel
         or test bay door is open
       - Automatic bleed-off if door is opened


    • (4) x Camera colour CCTV system
    • 24 hour VCR
    • Data aquisition software for PC or laptop
    • 0-24,000 psi unit (1,632 bar), part number L-6901003825-VO2
    • Containerised Pressure Testing Workshop ready version 0-24,000 psi unit (1,632 bar), part number L-6901003825V04
    • CE marked

    Note: Installation kit needs to be confirmed at time of order. Client to supply pressure test bay dimensions.


    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBER L-6901003825V01

    Control Panel Unit: (L) 103 cm, 41 in (W) 61 cm, 24 in (H) 179 cm, 70 in
    (Weight) 240 kg, 529 lbs

    Tank Pump Unit: (L) 111 cm, 44 in (W) 91 cm, 36 in (H) 110 cm, 43 in
    (Weight) 290 kg, 639 lbs

    Reel/Bracket: (L) 66 cm, 26 in (W) 46 cm, 18 in (H) 58 cm, 23 in
    (Weight) 90 kg, 198 lbs

    Typical Hose Installation Kit: (L) 103 cm, 41 in (W) 61 cm, 24 in (H) 179 cm, 70 in
    (Weight) 70 kg, 154 lbs