• 700 Series Pressure Test Unit

    This NOV Elmar 700 series press­­ure test unit has been designed for press­­ure test­­ing up to 22,500 psi.

    700 Series Pressure Test Unit Pdf


    Two air driven pumps are provided; a vol­­ume pump for rapid fill­­ing and a high press­­ure pump. A chart recorder allows the press­­ure test to be rec­­orded.


    • Machine engraved, stainless steel, col­­our coded panel
    • 8” chart recorder with 2/8 hour mech­­anical clock
    • Air driven high vol­­ume and high press­­ure pumps
    • Hoses mounted on NOV Elmar “wet centre” reels
    • 14 gal­­lon (53 litre) stain­­less steel res­­er­­voir tank
    • Stainless steel front pro­­tec­­tive covers


    • 0-10,000 and 0-22,500 psi high press­­ure pump
    • Galvanised 4 wheel trol­­ley
    • CE marked, ATEX approved for use in a Category 2 (Zone 1) hazardous area


    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBER L-690268/L-690240/L-690250
    (L) 69 cm, 27 in (W) 76 cm, 30 in (H) 102 cm, 40 in (Weight) 190 kg, 420 lbs