• BOP Control Skid, NORSOK 10,000/15,000 psi Well Pressure

    This unit is an automated secondary well control system for use in ATEX Zone 1 hazardous environments and in compliance with NORSOK regulations.

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    The unit features wireline valve (BOP) control and grease injection to BOP. Primary hydraulic power is provided by an electrically driven pressure compensating pump and backup accumulator capacity is provided to comply with all relevant requirements of Norsok D-002. Grease injection is provided by an hydraulically driven grease intensifier pump.

    Three modes of operation are provided, remote control from a control room, local control from a graphical interface on the unit and a fully manual operation panel. Grease injection can be automatic based on well pressure (patented NOV Elmar feature), automatic based on pre-set target pressure or fully manual. The system is configurable to work at either 15,000psi or 10,000psi well pressure.

    The unit is mounted within a weather proof container certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN12079. All controls, reels and tanks are mounted inside the container behind secure lockable doors.

    Pipe fittings, tubing and fasteners are made from stainless steel.


    Dimensions & Weights

    Part Number L-6901027708
    (L) 244 cm, 96 in (W) 175 cm, 69 in (H) 194 cm, 76 in (Maximum Gross Weight) 5,000 kg, 11,023 lbs

    Performance Data & Specifications

    Grease Pumps - Each Pump:

    • Nominal minimum Output Pressure 0psi (0Bar)
    • Maximum Output Pressure 15,000psi (1034bar)
    • Maximum Flow Rate 0.5lpm @ 15,000psi
    • Grease Capacity (usable) 80 litres

    Hydraulic Pump:

    Pressure Compensated Axial Piston Pump

    • Nominal minimum Output Pressure 0psi (0Bar)
    • Max Pressure 4,600psi (317bar)
    • Displacement 45cc/rev
    • Hydraulic Tank Capacity 170 litres

    Sound Level:

    • Maximum Sound Level (outside of unit) (machine space doors closed, operating position doors open). 80dB(A) at 1m

    Environmental Conditions

    • Design Temperature range -20oC to +40oC, the hydraulic oil and grease grades must be chosen to suit the local environmental conditions.
    • Waterproof container with stainless steel construction

    Power / External Supply

    • Electrical: 380V-690V 50-60Hz three phase
    • 32A minimum supply connection
    • 220-240V 50-60Hz single phase
    • Automated multi voltage and phase correction

    Design Standards

    The BOP control unit will be designed using the following standards: 

    • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. CE Marked
    • ATEX 95 (94/9/EC)
    • NORSOK D-002 System Requirements Well Intervention Equipment
    • NORSOK Z-015 Temporary Equipment
    • DNV 2.7-1:2006 Offshore Containers
    • BS EN12079:2006 Offshore Containers and Associated Lifting Sets
    • Best Practice Dropped Object Management


    • CE marked, ATEX Approved for use in a Category 2 (Zone 1) hazardous area
    • Independently certified to DNV 2.7-1
    • NORSOK Approved