• Single Pump Grease Unit

    Single Pump Grease Unit Pdf   

    This NOV Elmar air powered single pump grease injection unit supplies grease at up to 10,000 psi to the grease head and wireline valve.


    • Bulkhead mounted outlet for grease injection to wireline valve
    • Storage facility for spare grease barrel
    • 96 gallon (363 litre) grease tank
    • 120ft (36.5m) grease supply and grease return hoses mounted on NOV Elmar “wet centre” reels
    • Machine engraved, stainless steel, colour coded panel
    • Either 175:1 or 85:1 grease pumps


    • Grease transfer pump, part number L-698420
    • CE marked, ATEX approved


    Dimensions & Weights

    Part Number L-696810
    (L) 135 cm, 53 in (W) 71 cm, 28 in (H) 160 cm, 63 in
    (Weight) 550 kg, 1,212 lbs