• 25D Diesel Driven BOP
    and Grease Control Module

    This 25,000psi working pressure diesel driven grease control module features an NOV Elmar high pressure grease intensifier pump in a compact package.

    25D Control Module Pdf


    The intensifier delivers high flow rates at high pressures.


    Features (L-6901017786V01)

    • Maximum working pressure 25,000 psi (limit can be specified)
    • Rigsafe, air cooled, electric start 44hp Deutz diesel engine, part number L-6901017786V04
    • NOV Elmar hydraulically driven grease intensifier pump capable of delivering 1.6 US gal/min (6lpm) at 56 strokes/min
    • Air driven back-up 235:1 grease pump
    • (2) grease supply outlets, 1 grease to BOP outlet, 1 grease return outlet
    • 120 USgal (454 litre) grease capacity in twin tanks
    • 36 USgal (135 litre) fuel tank capacity
    • NOV Elmar mimic panel for easy logical control
    • DNV 2.7-1/BS EN12079 frame with full drip pan
    • Operating temperature range -20°C to +50°C


    • Low temperature kit (-40°C)
    • Sound deadening panels for power pack

    Variant V02:

    • As standard but including powered grease hose reels and storage cupboard
    • Variant V03:
    • As standard but including hydraulic control facility for quad BOP control, tooltrap, toolcatcher, dual stuffing box and
    • line wiper. Accumulator storage for emergency BOP operation

    Variant V04:

    • As V03 but including powered grease hose reels and manual hydraulic hose reels

    Variant V06:

    • As V04 but suitable for use in hazardous areas up to ATEX Category 3 (Zone 2)


    Dimensions & Weights

    Part Number L-6901017786V06
    (L) 274 cm, 108 in (W) 136 cm, 54 in (H) 192 cm, 76 in (Weight) 4,000 kg, 8,818 lbs