• 15 Series Grease Module

    This module and the 15 series hydraulic control module form the controls for the 15 series pressure equipment system for up to 15,000 psi wellhead pressure. Either module may be used separately.

    15 Series Grease Module Pdf  


    It has been developed to eliminate problems which conventional diesel driven intensifiers present when used on an offshore installation. 


    • Two air driven grease pumps 235:1
    • Maximum grease output pressure 22,500 psi
    • Hoses on NOV Elmar “wet centre” reels
    • Machine engraved, stainless steel, color coded panel
    • Large grease tank
    • Two Grease Head and one wireline valve grease injection line
    • Individual pump stroke counters
    • Storage locker
    • Compliments 15 Series Hydraulic Module, part number L-697830


    • Transport frame for pressure equipment
    • Grease transfer pump, part number L-698420
    • CE marked, ATEX approved


    Dimensions & Weights

    Part Number L-695740
    (L) 137 cm, 54 in (W) 98 cm, 38 in (H) 130 cm, 51 in (Weight) 1,100 kg, 2,425 lbs