• Air Driven Grease Injection
    Pumps and Accessories

    NOV Elmar air-operated Grease Pumps, developed in conjunction with WIWA, are designed for use in Elmar's Grease Control Modules. NOV Elmar high-pressure Grease Pumps consist of a reciprocating air drive, coupled to a  piston fluid pump.

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    There are three pumps ratios available: 85:1, 175:1, and 235:1. With an air input of 100 psi the maximum output pressure is respectively 8,500 psi, 17,500 psi and 22,500 psi, to suit well operations  to 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 psi. A 4:1 ratio pump is also available for fast transfers from a drum to grease reservoir on NOV Elmar modules. Driving the pump through an air regulator allows an infinitely variable control of the grease flow rate and pump stall pressure. An Air Line Lubricator is required at the pump air input for reliable performance.

    NOV Elmar Wireline Grease
    NOV Elmar Wireline Greases are polybutene base fluids, specially formulated for effective pressure control and wireline lubrication. Our wireline greases contain inhibitors, and provide protection during wireline operations against corrosion from hydrogen sulphide (H2S), acids, caustics and saline brines.  NOV Elmar Wireline Greases have a clear amber colour, and because of their cohesive and adhesive properties minimise drip and spatter, thus reducing well site
    contaminations. They are supplied in 55 US gallon (205 litres) drums and are available in a range of viscosities to cover applications in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to in excess of +60°C. A Bio-Degradable version is available in selected viscosities. On special request, greases are available for temperatures down to -40°C, and specially inhibited for well fluids with high CO2 content.


    • Air driven hydraulic pump
    • Relief valve on air motor to set maximum working pressure
    • Oil bath above upper packing for long service life
    • Large built-in air silencer
    • High pressure pump tube of rugged construction
    • Replaceable packing sets in pump tube
    • Foot valve can be examined/replaced without pump strip-down
    • ATEX approved versions are available