• Concentric String Assembly


    At Quality Tubing, we are able to install small OD tubing inside larger OD tubing, resulting in a concentric string. By going to an offsite location, we are able to completely lay down the entire length of the string for insertion with a special injector. 

    The most common application for this product is sand cleanouts, but this can be used successfully for other unique operations such as drilling fluid, evaluating completion integrity, H2S inhibition, multilateral wells and hydrate and filter cake removal. 

    We have successfully installed lengths from 2,000 ft to 20,000 ft of tubing. The most common sizes of concentric strings we have inserted are 1” inside of 2” OD tubing and 1.25” inside of 2.375” OD tubing. We are able to look into the feasibility of other sizes if inquired.