• QT-700

    QT-700, the original continuously-milled coiled tubing product, performs well in sour service.

    Please scroll down to view available string designs, sizes and mechanical properties for QT-700.


    Available Strings

    • Straight wall
    • Straight wall Flash-Free
    • String with an electric wireline or capillary tube installed


    QT-700 is manufactured from high strength low alloy steel (HSLAS) with alloying additions to provide resistance to atmospheric corrosion. The chemical composition of QT-700 meets the specification requirements of API 5ST CT-70.

    Outside Diameter0.750” - 3.500” (19.1 mm - 88.9 mm)
    Wall Thickness0.087” - 0.203” (2.2 mm - 5.2 mm)
    Minimum Yield Strength70,000 psi (483 MPa)
    Minimum Tensile Strength80,000 psi (552 MPa)
    Maximum Hardness22 HRC

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