• QT-1400

    Improve your operational efficiencies for onshore horizontal wells, refracking applications and offshore operations.



    With the continuous advancement in drilling and completion technologies, your coiled tubing strings are being pushed to their limits.  Coiled tubing operations now include deployment into horizontal wells with lateral sections exceeding 10,000 ft and the use of downhole tools that require over 5,000 psi internal circulating pressure.

    QT-1400 is the next generation of ultra-high strength coiled tubing with a minimum yield strength of 140,000 psi. This makes it the highest strength coiled tubing in the world. Higher strength coiled tubing with greater resistance to low cycle fatigue cracking at high pressure and broader ranges of potential string designs is vital for success in these increasingly challenging environments. Ultra-high strength coiled tubing, with a proven track record of manufacturing excellence, will allow you to provide solutions to your customers’ most difficult problems and give them confidence in your operational capabilities.


    • 54% further reach capability*
    • 28% stronger internal yield pressure **
    • 0.175" minimum wall required for 20,000 psi
    • 23% higher yield load capability**
    *Compared to QT-1100 with 2" OD, 10,000 lb minimum overpull
    **Compared to QT-1100 with 2" OD x 0.224" wall thickness


    QT-1400 is manufactured from high strength low alloy steel (HSLAS) with alloying additions to provide resistance to atmospheric corrosion. 

    Outside Diameter1.750” - 2.875” (44.5 mm - 73.025 mm)
    Wall Thickness0.134” - 0.224” (3.4 mm - 5.7 mm)
    Minimum Yield Strength140,000 psi (965 MPa)
    Minimum Tensile Strength145,000 psi (1,000 MPa)
    Maximum Hardness39 HRC


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