• Skid Mounted Nitrogen Unit

    Our extensive range of skid mounted nitrogen units are built to meet your global demands. Unit designs are possible in single or split skid designs, options for sound proofing the unit also exist where an open framed unit is not desired.

    The skid designed nitrogen units are self-contained complete with bunded skid design and are perfectly suited for the offshore market. Our units can also be trailer mounted using the units ISO locks for land based operations showcasing our range of skid mounted units are diverse and suitable for all markets and providing equipment flexibility.

    Our skid mounted nitrogen units are available in a wide range of pressure and output capacities. The standard output max pressure is 10,000 psi, but 15,000 psi is also possible. Units can be provided with output flow rates from 27,000 scfm up to 540,000 scfm.


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