• Nitrogen/Fluid Pumping Unit


    Our combination nitrogen and fluid pumping unit was designed to meet a specific demand by our customers in the coiled tubing service industry. On many types of coiled tubing jobs, there are requirements for pumping both fluid and nitrogen, but many times not in extremely large volumes. Previously, this required two separate pieces of equipment to be brought to the job site, even though one or the other might see limited use. This also usually meant an extra truck or trailer, an extra driver and more rig-up time to rig up two separate units, which of course added cost to the job. 

    Our units require only one piece of equipment be brought to do the job of pumping both nitrogen and fluid. The fluid side of the unit consists of an independent power unit, triplex fluid pump, 10 BBL tank, two centrifugal pumps and discharge manifolds. The nitrogen side of the unit consists of an independent power unit, liquid nitrogen storage tank, nitrogen boost pump, nitrogen triplex pump, water bath vaporizer and discharge manifolds. Both the nitrogen and fluid sides of the unit are controlled from a common, climate-controlled cabin located on the unit. The unit is on a purpose-built drop deck rail trailer for reduced weight. 



    • Climate controlled operator's control cabin
    • Maintenance friendly design
    • Drop deck design

    Fluid System

    • 10 BBL open-top fluid tank
    • Capable of pressures up to 15,000 psi
    • Capable of flow rates from 12 GPM to 500 GMP
    • Actuated valves allow for system control from operator's cabin

    Nitrogen System

    • Non-fired nitrogen vaporization, utilizing proprietary exhaust and water bath vaporizers
    • Liquid nitrogen storage tank
    • Capable of pressures up to 10,000 psi
    • Unit equipped with storage accommodations for customer's treating iron


    Standard Weights and Dimensions

    • Weight (includes all fluids): approximately 63,500 lbs
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 516" x 101" x 157"



    • Chemical additive system features twin chemical feeder pumps, actuated valves, controls and two 20 gallon chemical tanks
    • Standard, single chamber fluid tub divider divided into two equal halves, and the plumbing is modified to allow for "mix and slug" functionality
    • Remote control is custom configured to accommodate customer requirements for remote functionality

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