• OrionNET™


     OrionNET enables the end user to: 

    • View secure, real-time data from a Windows® based PC connected to the Internet
    • Monitor multiple jobs from a single location
    • Obtain remote diagnostics and support
    • Configure displays, including horizontal charts, using English, Metric or combination units

    Connecting to local-network data sources, acquiring data and storing the acquired data in SQL Server CE databases, the OrionNET Acquisition server is the "heart" of the OrionNET software. After data is acquired and stored, the OrionNET Viewer provides operation-customizable data viewing. 

    Only one acquisition server can reside on a single computer. The acquisition server can have one or more local-network data sources. When multiple data sources are present, the acquisition server gathers data simultaneously from each source.


    • Acquire data from multiple sources 
    • View data remotely
    • Create customized screen layouts
    • Acquire and store data automatically on system startup or on demand
    • Use diagnostics displays to help identify and resolve any issues with Orion™ V, Orion IV, ASCII via Serial, and Derived Channel data sources
    • Password-protect the configuration utility and the view-designer layout
    • Append data to an existing database
    • Export data to a CSV file
    • Use OrionNET's reporting functionality to modify copies of original databases to adjust sensor-data using factors, trim beginning or ending data and merge databases from the same job
    • Filter data within the reporting functionality's data log
    • Integrate with other hardware/software systems via ASCII or WITS0 output streams
    • Incorporate alarms and warnings (high and low) on every channel
    • Use OrionNET and Cerberus v10.0 or later software in tandem to model:
      • Forces: real-time measured values compared to predicted
      • Fatigue: real-time fatigue life calculations
      • Limits: real-time burst and collapse 
    • Using the standard OrionNET installation, acquires data from the following data-source types:
      • CTES Orion V: an Orion V hardware system using a single Ethernet-based controller
      • CTES Orion IV: an Orion IV hardware system using a single Ethernet-based controller
      • CTES Controller (Direct V2): an Orion III hardware system using a serial-based controller
      • ASCII via Serial: ASCII data transmitted via a serial connection (non-CTES data acquisition system controllers)
      • Derived Channels: calculated channels based on an equation that may use one or more existing channels (from the same data source or a different data source) as inputs
      • CTES Orion Network: a local network of Orion IV or Orion V hardware systems
      • OPC Client: reads data from an OPC (OLE for Process Control) server
      • WITS0: Wellsite Information Transfer Specification Level 0 serial input 


    System Requirements

    Operation SystemWindows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    RAM8 GB or larger
    Available Storage10 GB
    Display Resolution1280 x 1024
    HMIKeyboard & Mouse or Touch Screen
    Ethernet for Orion DAS1
    .NET Framework
    OrionNET v2.5 and Later4.0
    OrionNET v2.1 and Earlier2.0

    Hardware Controller

    If an older Orion controller model is in use, some features of OrionNET may not be available. Please contact us if the currently used Orion DAS was built before 2000.

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