• Cerberus™ for Coiled Tubing

    Cerberus for coiled tubing is the world's leading commercial coiled tubing modeling software, providing solutions to today's difficult coiled tubing, job design and monitoring challenges. First introduced in 1995, Cerberus for coiled tubing is relied upon by dozens of service companies and operators throughout the world.


    Cerberus guides the user through complex configuration and job design tasks with the help of numerous "wizards". These tools work through key decisions in a logical and intelligent sequence, presenting choices based on previous selections. The wizards provide operation-appropriate selections by making extensive use of graphics, calculation utilities and customization. 

    Some of the wizards include the Toolfit Wizard, String Design Wizard, Disconnect Wizard, Packer and Completion Analysis (PACA) Wizard, Well Unloading Wizard, Velocity String Wizard and the Question and Answer Wizard.


    • Job design tools
    • Fatigue life tracking (AchillesTM)
    • Tubing forces model (OrpheusTM)
    • Tubing stress limits (HerculesTM)
    • Hydraulics simulation (HydraTM)
    • String design and selection
    • BHA configuration
    • Job reporting
    • Asset management
    • Real-time job monitoring


    System Requirements

    Operation SystemWindows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    RAM8 GB or larger
    Available Storage1 GB
    Display Resolution1280 x 1024
    HMIKeyboard & Mouse or Touch Screen
    .NET Framework
    OrionNET v2.5 and Later4.0
    OrionNET v2.1 and Earlier2.0

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