• Cerberus™ FEA Engine

    The Cerberus FEA Engine is a highly flexible engineering tool for performing various types of buckling calculations.



    Performs buckling calculations of a pipe inside a wellbore or pressure-control stack. This software is intended for engineers, and uses Excel as the user interface. A user must have an engineering background and a working knowledge of Excel to use the software.


    The example above demonstrates the capability of the software. 2 ⅜" tubing with a 4 ¾" packer is being snubbed into a well through a stripper. The stripper appears as a purple horizontal line. The pressure below the stripper is 5,000 psi, and there is 4,400 lbs of stripper friction. At the top and bottom of the packer there is a thread relief, causing higher stresses in these areas. As the BHA moves downward, it buckles until the packer contacts the 7" ID lubricator. There is a significant wall contact force (WCF) at the point the packer touches the lubricator.

    Views A and B show the string (red) inside the well control stack (black), viewing it from the Y and Z directions. Note that the vertical direction is X. Also note that the scale length of 50' in the X direction and ±4" in the Y and Z directions causes the string to appear distorted. View C shows the maximum radial displacement (RD) along the length of the string. This RD may be at any rotational orientation. View D shows the wall contact forces.
    There is a spike in the wall contact force where the packer touches the lubricator. View E shows the maximum Von Mises stress and the yield stress. In this case there is a point at about 14' in which the Von Mises stress exceeds the yield stress, and thus the string would likely bend.


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