• Emergency Stop System (ESS)

    Safety device to help avoid costly operational failures



    The Emergency Stop System uses a combination of electro-hydraulic control valves and pressure switches, in conjunction with an Orion™ Data Acquisition System (DAS) , to stop the coiled tubing injector in the event of imminent failure.


    • Helps avoid costly operational failures 
    • Operator configurable 
    • System status displayed on-screen 
    • Records all events in Orion DAS Event Log 
    • Integrates into Orion DAS 
    • Retrofits to most coiled tubing units 
    • Continuous real-time monitoring of: 
      • Minimum and maximum weight  
      • Maximum rate of change of weight per second 
      • Minimum coiled tubing speed


    Safety controls

    • "Armed” = ready to protect Operator parameter-input required 
      • Indicated by green light and log entry 
    • “Activated” = shutdown in effect Requires no action by the operator
      • Indicated by red light and log entry 
      • Sets injector brake 
      • Can be rearmed after activation 
    • Safety 
      • Injector controls must be in neutral position before system can be armed 
      • ESS can be by-passed by the operator

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