• Cyclone™

    The Cyclone portable fatigue tester secures a 13 ½" slickline sample so that the sample has a constant radius of curvature. The slickline sample is then rotated, and the number of revolutions to failure is counted.

    Using operator-supplied information (slickline type and bending diameter), as well as the number of revolutions to failure, the included standard Cyclone software (PC-accessible) calculates the slickline segment’s used life percentage, from which the user may extrapolate the remaining slickline life.



    Cerberus™ for slickline fatigue software (fatigue life modeling and tracking system) may be purchased separately for use with the Cyclone portable tester (data acquisition system required).

    Cerberus software helps answer these questions:

    • Should the slickline be used for an upcoming job?
    • Should the slickline be spooled from one reel to another to move the maximum fatigued portion into a different position?
    • Should some slickline be cut off to move the position of the maximum fatigued section?
    • Has the slickline reached the end of its useful life?


    • Small footprint
    • Simple to operate
    • Tests slickline gauges .082 to .140
    • Requires a slickline-piece length of only 13 ½" (34.3 cm)
    • Can be configured to simulate sheave wheel diameters of 12', 16', 20' and 24'



    WeightDimensions (LxWxH)Materials
    50 lbs.22 ½" x 18 ½" x 11"High strength ABS enclosure; Aluminum base-plate for stability


    Power InputMotorMeter/Control CircuitOperating Temperature
    Selectable 120VAC 60Hz or 240VAC 50Hz¼ HP, 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz, 2.4/1.23 Amps, 338/284 RPM15VDC Switching power supply0°F to 120°F

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