• Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESD)

    The stand alone Emergency ShutDown (ESD) valve is used to safely isolate the low pressure downstream equipment from the high pressure well bore fluids. The ESD valve consists of NOV WSP fail close API 6A actuated gate valve technology, inlet and outlet crossovers all mounted on a robust enclosed skid frame. Closure times on the safety critical ESD valve can be enhanced by inclusion of a quick exhaust valve in the hydraulic return line

    The inlet and outlet crossovers can be flanged, hammer union or hubbed for hook up to inter connecting pipework.

    • Skid frame supplies: DNV 2.7-1 / DNV2.7-3 designed and certified with lifting set when requested
    • Design: API 6A, DNV OS E101, Norsok D-007, NACE MR-01-75, DNV2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3 (Lifting and Handling)
    • Capable of controlling all STT hydraulically actuated valves and Emergency ShutDown (ESD) valves on request, the control system is constructed from stainless steel with dedicated lifting eyes and fork lift pockets for ease of maneuverability. Zero-leakage control valves allow operation of the double acting hydraulically actuated valves with pressure, temperature and valve position readouts as required. Integral ESD functionally can be included if requested by the customer.  
    • Specification for the integral ESD system would be as per the above.



    For dedicated control of the flow wing valve on the STT and the ESD valve upstream of the choke manifold, the NOV WSP ESD control system is responsive on shutdown within industry requirements and can be further enhanced with the inclusion of a quick exhaust valve in the hydraulic return line. The ESD communication loops which facilitate shutdown are pneumatically powered and can be supplied with combinations of either manual shutdown or automatic low/high pressure pilot operated shutdown stations. The hydraulic power supply is provided by an air driven hydraulic pump and can include energy storage hydraulic accumulators on request.

    Stainless steel enclosure
    Pneumatic operated hydraulic control
    Manual/automatic shutdown stations with pressure gauge indication
    Pneumatic driven HPU comes with 30ltr reservoir
    ESD valve position indication
    Certified lifting arrangement