• Tore Online Vessel Desander (OVD)

    The Tore™ online vessel desander (OVD) provides guaranteed and effective sand removal whenever required by the operator. It has gained rapid acceptance by the industry as the preferred solution for sand removal and is replacing traditional methods. It is not a jetting system, but utilizes the unique, localized and controlled, tornado-like action of the Tore device to lift and remove the sand. Within small vessels, a single Tore OVD comprising four Tore fluidizers arranged in a linear fashion, usually centrally along the floor of the vessel, is sufficient to remove the sand.



    In larger vessels, a Tore OVD is installed comprising eight, 12, or more Tore fluidizers, usually in multiples of four to provide the required coverage. Vessels more than 3 m wide usually require the devices to be in a double bank. For effective removal of sand, the units are installed with approximately 0.8 to 1.2 m distance between each fluidizer. This provides maximum coverage of a vessel floor without overlapping the effect from neighboring Tore devices. In order to provide operational flexibility, Tore devices may be operated individually, all at once, or in any desired combination. Each 1-in. Tore fluidizer within a manifold requires approximately 3 to 4 m³/hr of motive fluid at only 0.5 bar above vessel pressure to operate. 

    In comparison, a jetting system typically requires around 120 m³/hour. Motive fluid can be supplied from a plant’s existing produced water system or from any other suitable fluid source. The flowrate can be set manually or automated using flow control valves depending on the application. The discharged sand can be routed either to sand washing equipment, such as a Tore scrub, or to collection equipment such as a bagging system prior to disposal. A small amount of residual sand (typically less than 2% by volume) will remain in the vessel, out with the area of influence of each Tore fluidizer. The amount of residual sand is dependent on the positioning of each fluidizer and the angle of repose of the sand. The residual sand is constantly changed between Tore activation cycles as the well fluids wash over and redistribute them into the area of influence. Operators that previously had to shut down every few months for days at a time to dig out sand can now simply activate the device for half an hour every morning and half an hour every evening, removing up to 10 tonnes of sand per week. The in-line pressure reducing cartridge can be installed on the outlet from the separator if pressure must be reduced for discharge and collection.

    In retrofit installations, the Tore OVD lends itself to being mounted around existing internal structures such as baffles and weirs. The Tore OVD is straightforward to install as a retrofit solution, typically taking two days after accumulated sand has been dug out from the separator. Where vessel design prevents internal installation, it can also be designed for external mounting.

    The Tore is a highly effective solids fluidization device that can operate even when completely buried in sand. It operates by generating a vortex below the Tore, which fluidizes the sand in this area. The vortex is created by introducing fluid through the Tore feed inlet tangentially into the swirl chamber. This establishes a swirling motion, which passes through the annulus between the Tore discharge tube and outer tube and over the foot of the Tore. When fluidized, the sand is drawn by the central core of the vortex towards the discharge tube, allowing for controlled transportation. The fluidizing effect created by the Tore is localized, with no disruptive effect on a vessel’s liquid interfaces.

    Well fluids, gas, and solids flow into the sand trap, where they reach a sacrificial deflector plate. The plate separates and diffuses the clean media out the top while accumulated solids are collected and flushed out of the bottom. 



    • Eliminates unplanned shutdowns by providing a proven and guaranteed solution whereby sand is removed from vessels while the separator remains in full production
    • Enables separators to operate continuously at maximum efficiency, enabling well fluid production to be maintained at maximum levels
    • Provides a life-of-field solution to sand production and handles all levels of sand. One 1-in. Tore device can remove up to four tonnes of sand per hour and can be activated whenever required.
    • The fluidization effect of the Tore is localized, causes no disruption of the liquid surface/interface, and can therefore operate while the vessel is online
    • The required feed pressure to the Tore OVD is approximately 0.5 Barg above the vessel operating pressure and each Tore requires only 3 to 4 m³/hr of feed water, substantially less than jetting systems.
    • Eliminates the need for dedicated desanders, saving space and weight
    • Easy to retrofit 

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