• Compact Oil Treatment

    Cost-saving plant layouts and performance are enabled by our unique use of proven compact technologies to minimize platform deck requirements in multiple process packages.

    Compact Electrostatic Coalescer:
    The patented Compact Electrostatic Coalescer (CEC™) technology is a small, lightweight flow-through system that increases the size of water droplets dispersed in petroleum oil, greatly enhancing the separation performance in a downstream gravity separator.

    By innovatively splitting the coalescence and the separation process, the CEC® is made very compact and can be fairly simply applied upstream of new or existing separators, electrostatic vessel dehydrators and storage tanks. The CEC is powered by our patented Magtech™ controllable transformer technology, a unique power supply with no active components, meeting the most challenging industry requirements for safety and robustness.

    Horizontal Flow Electrostatic Treater:
    Our patented Horizontal Flow Electrostatic Treater uniquely provides separation of gas, hydrocarbons, and water. As a separate upstream degasser is not required, the unit can be placed tightly on same deck as the upstream separator or dehydrator, giving valuable plant design flexibility.

    Compact Oil Treatment