• TEG Regeneration and Dehydration

    We design and supply gas dehydration systems, using triethylene glycol (TEG) to absorb water from gas.

    High-energy recovery and low-glycol loss is achieved by our dehydration packages and modules, which are compact, low-weight and small-footprint. Raw natural gas or wet gas can have varying degrees of water content, aerosols and droplet sizes, so our TEG gas dehydration system reduces the water dew point and removes solids from the gas. This prevents hydrate formation, condensation or corrosion in the downstream processes.

    The Super Purifier:
    Our custom-made Super Purifiers are compact, easy to fabricate and extremely low-maintenance. Our innovative, patented design offers less energy consumption, less thermal degradation and higher TEG purity. A forced-draft Reboiler system is used, rather than the classic stagnant bath, and the unit’s footprint and weight are reduced by up to 30 and 40 percent respectively. This also produces savings on glycol inventory and chemicals injected.

    Molecular Sieves:

    Designing and engineering of the molecular sieve desiccants for gas dehydration is based on our extensive experience in this technology. Our close relationship with suppliers allows us to offer predictable and high quality execution. Our molecular sieve units are designed for water dew point performance as low as 0.1ppmv with optimized lifetime and configuration. Regenerative and non-regenerative adsorbents can also be proposed for the removal of acid components such as H2S, CO2 and Mercaptan as well as the removal of mercury. We offer these processes for engineering-only or complete EPC contracts, customized to each customer's specific needs, modularized to reduce installation costs whenever it is possible.



    TEG Regeneration and Dehydration