• Subsurface Safety Valve

    We have partnered with Tejas Research & Engineering to develop a line of subsurface safety valves that represent the industry’s new standard in design and reliability. This product line meets the rigorous quality and safety standards set forth in API Specification 14A. Ease of installation and operation, combined with field configurability for rapid changes, ensure that you receive the maximum benefit and value of each valve.

    With Tejas’ world-renowned engineering expertise in the space and nearly two decades of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with advanced technologies that are extremely reliable—that’s why our safety valves are designed and tested to exceed the latest industry standards and regulations.

    Our surface controlled, tubing-retrievable safety valves (TRSV) are rated for working pressures up to 10,000 psi (68,948 kPa) and temperatures up to 300°F (149°C). TRSVs utilize a non-elastomeric single piston actuator, optional self-equalizing flapper, and metal-to-metal flapper closure seal to provide 100% well containment when closed. 

    From application design through field installation services, our expert engineers are ready to assist you.


    The surface controlled emergency shutdown (ESD) system supplies hydraulic control pressure to actuate the TRSV’s non-elastomeric piston rod to open and close the flapper. The TRSV is a “fail safe”, normally closed valve that will protect production installations from uncontrolled flow if wellhead equipment is damaged in a catastrophic event. After shut-ins, the optional self-equalizing flapper design facilitates a rapid return to production, reducing operational downtime.